Wednesday, February 10, 2016

This blog is dedicated to my fellow coaches

This blog is dedicated to my fellow Newfield White Belts. 

The conference in January was very impactful for me for many reasons, not the least of which was having the realization that we were now ready to be coaches. 

We have received our white belts. 
(...along with some bird seed, and water that spilled kind of all over, but we'll figure out those metaphors on a different day.)

This moment certainly doesn't complete any journey for me, but it did mark a milestone. This last year has been a long one for me, and to get to this point was truly satisfying. 

I'm a coach. 

And I'm a beginner. 

I find myself having so many insights and connections and applications each day, and I feel so excited to share them with the world, starting with my Newfield cohort. 

I thought this journey deserved its own blog, so I conceived of this idea and tonight I'm making it come to life.

This is for you. My friends, my colleagues, my family. To continue the learning we did at the conference, to continue to share all that this learning means to me. 

I felt tremendous care from all of you, so much so that I feel your love and light have breathed new life into me. I feel like you care about what I go through and value what I have to say, so it compels me to take the time to share with you.

So thank you. May we continue to stay connected as we walk this journey together. Cheers!  

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